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Reckless driving in Virginia includes a wide array of offenses. Twelve different laws in Virginia encompass reckless driving. Reckless driving is a Class 1 Misdemeanor. The potential penalties for reckless driving are up to 12 months in jail, driver’s license suspension for up to 12 months, a maximum fine of $2,500, and six demerit points on your driving record. If reckless driving causes someone’s death, penalties can increase. You can lose your license for up to a year and serve up to five years in prison. Certain offenses can bring even longer prison time.

Examples of Reckless driving are:
· Speeding 20+ miles per hour over the speed limit.
· Speeding over 85 miles per hour
· Texting while driving
· Weaving through traffic
· Running a red light
· Racing
· Eluding law enforcement
· Passing across a solid highway line
· Failure to maintain control of a vehicle

Many of these actions could receive citations other than reckless driving. The officer and prosecution have the discretion to determine what code section to charge a driver under. If you were charged with reckless driving, you should contact an experienced attorney as soon as possible to discuss your options to have the charge reduced or dismissed. Critzer and Cardani’s Reckless Driving criminal defense consultations are FREE, call or email today.

In defending reckless driving charges, several defenses are likely to get your charge reduced or dismissed. Examples of valid defenses include your speedometer was not accurate; police radar was not properly calibrated; you faced an emergency; and/or you have a good driving record. After discussing the facts and circumstances of your offense with you, we research to see if any of these defenses apply with the goal of having your charge reduced or dismissed.

To avoid harsh reckless driving penalties, you should hire an experienced defense attorney as soon as possible to give yourself the best chance of having your matter resolved in your favor.

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