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Who We Are | Attorneys: Your encounter with the legal system, whether civil or criminal in nature, is likely related to one of the most emotionally charged events in your life. Ever. The circumstances that lead you into the legal system may be related to a traumatic incident or even a systemic problem. The lawyers at Critzer Cardani PC have a different approach to you and your case. Read More…

Meet us and get to know who we are on our Critzer Cardani YouTube Channel. Want to learn more? Tune in and subscribe to our What To Do When… A Dummies Guide to the Legal Verse. This is CCLawVA’s legal hat podcast. Choose from either video and audio formats where our main goal is to assist you by giving helpful insights into different legal situations from our over 40 years experience. All past episodes from What To Do When… are archived here with videos, audio versions, as well as the complete copy text from each episode.

Scott David Cardani, Partner

Jacqueline Wise Critzer, Partner

William W. Smith, III, Associate

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