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From Critzer Cardani – Is your child facing charges for a crime in Virginia? Our criminal defense consultations are FREE, call or email today. If your child is facing a criminal charge in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover or any of the surrounding areas, hiring an experienced attorney matters!

As parents ourselves, we know you desire the best for your child. Getting entangled in the criminal justice system can have life altering consequences at any age. Even if you believe your child is guilty you are best advised to hire an experienced attorney for their best defense. You want an attorney who understands the rehabilitative purpose of the juvenile legal system. Once convicted, a juvenile offender can face fines, detention or even active jail time if they are tried as an adult. Scott Cardani has more than 25 years of experience helping children facing criminal charges. Scott Cardani’s BIO video can be seen here on YouTube.

Alternative Solutions: If your child is involved with alcohol or drugs, then our next step is to assist you in finding counseling and treatment programs that are specifically designed for teens and adolescents. When your child’s criminal behavior is linked to psychological or medical issues, then we can help locate a specialist who can diagnose and treat those underlying conditions.

Commitment: We are especially committed to helping young individuals get the second chance they deserve while keeping them out of the criminal justice system. If your teenager has been ticketed or arrested for a crime in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Hanover, Goochland or any of the surrounding areas then you must take swift legal action on their behalf.

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