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From Critzer Cardani – Call today to schedule a FREE consultation with an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney at Critzer Cardani PC. If you or your child is facing a criminal charge in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield, Goochland, Hanover or any of the surrounding areas, hiring an experienced attorney matters! Getting entangled in the criminal justice system can have life altering consequences at any age. At Critzer Cardani PC, we understand that you never intended to be in this situation and we are honored you chose us to help.

Hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney is crucial to getting the charges against you dismissed or working to reducing the charges and/or penalties as much as possible. Our criminal defense consultations are FREE.

Before going to court on your own or pleading guilty to any crime, you should talk to a lawyer about your rights. Remember – as we always say, do not try to defend yourself in court or talk to law enforcement without speaking to an experience attorney… like the ones at Critzer Cardani PC.

DEFENSES: the are many ways to build a strong defense in your case and the facts and circumstances matter even if you do not think much about them.

You need to contact a skilled Virginia criminal defense lawyer who has experience handling these types of criminal defense cases. Our lawyers will be able to investigate your case, talk to witnesses, and also provide you with your legal options in order to fight for your charges to be lessened.


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