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From the Critzer Cardani Team: Your encounter with the legal system, whether civil or criminal in nature, is likely related to one of the most emotionally charged events in your life. Ever. The circumstances that lead you into the legal system may be related to a traumatic incident or even a systemic problem. The lawyers at Critzer Cardani PC have a different approach to you and your case.
Compassion: We are sympathetic to your unique set of circumstances. In order to serve you best we strive to analyze each individual person and case to determine how we can be your shelter in the legal storm your face.
Representation Tailored to You: In the legal world, there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution. Every solution we work towards is uniquely developed for you and the facts of your case.
Zealous Advocacy: A realistic evaluation of your case from the outset can save you money and time. Our mission to serve you equates to comprehensive, cost effective legal representation.
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Scott David Cardani – Partner Spotlight
William W. Smith III, Associate