What To Do When... You Are Sexually Assaulted.

Episode 23: What To Do When… You Are Sexually Assaulted.

Source – https://cclawva.com/2022/07/14/wtdw-podcast-episode-23-what-to-do-when-you-are-sexually-assaulted/

Join Jackie Critzer and Scott Cardani as they share about What To Do When… You Are Sexually Assaulted. This legal chat podcast episode focuses on helping you navigate sexual assault here in the state of Virginia.

From our Partner Jackie Critzer – “I caution the listener to this podcast in a couple of areas. But number one, these are very serious accusations that should only be reported when they happen. False accusations of sexual assault of any kind are life altering, and very, very damaging to a person. You can get in to quite a bit of trouble for making false accusations of any kind. But certainly, false accusations of sexual assault can carry a lot of repercussions on everybody involved. So first and foremost, this is really directed at those who have been sexually assaulted. We’ll walk through that. But I just strongly encourage you to make sure that the details are not embellished, that they are to the best of your memory. And we’ll walk you through how to help preserve those memories and, and make sure that you’re ready to make an accurate report.”

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