Episode 19: What To Do When...There is Domestic Assault.

Episode 19: What To Do When…There is Domestic Assault.

Source – https://cclawva.com/2022/06/17/wtdw-podcast-episode-19-what-to-do-whenthere-is-domestic-assault/

Join Jackie Critzer and Scott Cardani as they unpack What To Do When…there is Domestic Assault Happening.. This legal chat podcast episode focuses on the legalities of domestic assault and the difference in between assault and battery here in the state of Virginia.

From one of our Partners – Scott D. Cardani “Remember domestic violence – Convictions affect a lot of your civil rights, your gun carrying rights, your rights to own a gun. That’s a big one, obviously. But there are other things that affects and it also sets you up for problems in your future.”

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