What To Do When... There is Adultery.

Episode 18: What To Do When…There is Adultery.

Source – https://cclawva.com/2022/06/09/wtdw-podcast-episode-18-what-to-do-when-there-is-adultery/

Join Jackie Critzer and Scott Cardani as they unpack What To Do When… There is Adultery. This legal chat podcast episode focuses on the legalities of adultery here in the state of Virginia.

From Scott Cardani on Pleading the 5th amendment here in VA – “how and when and what to do as far as your fifth amendment privilege. How to exercise that what to do when but again, I highly advise getting legal advice because each one of those situations. You know, what we believe here at Critzer Cardani, is we want to craft that unique position for you. Because every case that walks in even though it’s another adultery case, there are facts and circumstances and everything like that that makes your case unique. And you need somebody who’s going to listen to your situation so you can get the best legal advice possible.”

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