WTDW with guest Russ Stone

Episode 15: WTDW…Criminal Law with guest Russ Stone

Legal chat podcast – Audio/Video. https://cclawva.com/2022/05/19/wtdw-podcast-episode-15-what-to-do-when-criminal-law-with-guest-russ-stone/

What To Do When…A Dummies Guide to the Legalverse Legal Chat Podcast.

Join Russ Stone, Jackie Critzer, and Scott Cardani today as they unpack What To Do When… Criminal Law with guest Russ Stone here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

-Interactions with and sentiment towards our police has changed over time.
– When you go to other countries, you’re basically guilty until proven innocent. Here in the United States, we have this statement that, you’re innocent. And you don’t have to prove you’re innocent. The police and prosecutors have to prove that you’re actually guilty.

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