What To Do When... Episode 11: Child Support 101

Episode 11: Child Support 101

What To Do When…A Dummies Guide to the Legalverse Legal Chat Podcast. 

Join Scott Cardani and Jackie Critzer today as they unpack What To Do When… Child Support subject matter here in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Who owes Child Support, How’s Child Support Calculated, what are the determining factors of child support here in Virginia.

Scott Cardani excerpt – “This is why we want to do this podcast because quite frankly, we both hate that you would have to get a lawyer involved in the child support calculation. Because in the world’s eyes, it seems like it’s such a no brainer. But there’s just so many elements of it…. And, quite frankly, often I find the way they do it, they’re not calculating all the pieces of the puzzle. So that result can be very unfair to the person who’s getting the burden of child support. So we highly suggest that you get help with this and figure out what really is the cost of the child support? Because you know, there’s factors, there’s other kids, there’s all these things that go into it.”

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