What To Do When Legal Chat Podcast... As Seen on the News from Critzer Cardani PC

As Seen on the news! What To Do When… A Legal Chat Podcast from Critzer Cardani PC in Richmond, VA.

What To Do When | A Dummies Guide to the LegalVerse.

Hi, I’m Jackie and this is Scott and we are Critzer | Cardani. We are introducing you to our new podcast.

We will cover hot topics in the news, as well as questions we received from most of our clients, and topics that we cover in court. We might talk about what to do when: your husband leaves, or what to do when your teenager gets in trouble, what to do when you have an interaction with the police and also how to handle that.

We are going to be releasing the podcasts on a regular basis and we will give you an opportunity to send questions ahead of time so that we can answer your questions on the podcast as well.

We look forward to helping you in this venture and Good Luck!