Jackie Critzer – Partner Spotlight Video Release January 14th, 2022.

Hi, I’m Jackie Critzer, I’m one of the partners here at Critzer | Cardani.

I’ve been practicing law since 2005, primarily practice in the areas of family law and bankruptcy. Family law really consists of divorce, separation, child custody, support, both child support and spousal support. Bankruptcy deals in the consumer chapters of bankruptcy, so – Chapter 7, and Chapter 13.

Part of my experience in life is that I’ve been through a divorce with custody at issue and leaning on that experience helps me better able to tailor each case that involves of course, a divorce and or custody to each client’s specific needs. It allows me the opportunity to represent each person in their capacity and where they are in life rather than trying to put a one size fits all case together for every divorce client. Bankruptcy is a little different, and it requires an understanding and a compassion for those who are just in the middle of financial crisis.

If you think that I am a person or an attorney who can help you with your legal matter. I look forward to talking with you on the phone meeting in person and setting you on a path towards financial freedom and or completing your divorce and starting you in the next journey in your life.

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