Scott Cardani Google Review – October 4th, 2021.

Johnny, thank you kindly for your extremely valuable time in posting this 5 star review on Google!  From Scott Cardani and the team here at Critzer Cardani PC, we appreciate it greatly!  We hope it helps others who are in the midst of their ‘storm’ to see the intricate and expert handling of our legal services and team here in the Richmond, VA area. We’re proud to serve the Short Pump, VA area and the RVA region here in Virginia. Thank you again Johnny!

Critzer Cardani PC on Google

In my personal opinion, Scott Cardani is a legal genius. Mr. Cardani is also a respectable, ethical individual, and as I am looking out at the world, I do believe our system can certainly use more individuals with both the skill and the morals of this gentleman. We had an insanely intricate case: we were caught in between two opposing sides, where the more powerful side was unethically using our family as collateral damage to proceed against the other side. Mr. Cardani was able to maneuver through the complexities of the case with delicate precision, keep me calm (and out of view) when I would have otherwise been a loose cannon, and Mr. Cardani protected our rights and our family. This required listening and looking at the evidence in great detail, to truly understand our entangled predicament, and navigating with precision the legal landmines that both the opposing sides put before us. Mr. Cardani is top shelf.


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